Camp Whispering Pines is not only a great place to hold a camp, it's also a great place to have a mission trip!  We offer special overnight and food rates for skilled and unskilled groups who bring their own materials! Your group can work during the day and have meetings and worship times in the evening. Your contribution will help us continue and expand the effective evangelistic ministry of Camp Whispering Pines!  If you would like to schedule a work team, just contact us!


We can also arrange for mission projects with other local churches and ministries.  Click here for more information.


Check out a list of things that need to be done...


Updating list.



Top 10 Volunteer Projects


1. Build sidewalk in front of Hotel

2. Tree removal around camp

3. Paint Exterior Doors (we have paint)

4. Electrician needed for various projects




8. Repair and Repaint porch area of Ponderosa




Other Projects (Highest priority are highlighted)



Need exhaust for all bathrooms

Pine Forest Cafe



Tamarack Chapel


Replace side covered entryway (damaged by fallen tree limb)

Replace cracked windows

Replace flooring

Install exhaust in bathrooms



Sugar Pine


Replace peg-board stall doors

Repair cracks in bathroom ceiling

Replace old style toilets

Paint shower stalls


Scotch Pine


Repair cracks in bathroom ceiling

Repair ceiling in dorm area

Replace peg-board stall doors

Paint shower stalls


Dining Hall




Fix wall behind ice machine

 Sand and repaint exterior doors.





Small Dining Hall


Replace floor tile


Replace ceiling tiles (or get rid of drop ceiling)



Paint the new pantry


Repaint kitchen


Replace wood on ceiling of porch

Close in wall between Cook's Quarter's and Kitchen



Replace flooring

Replace globes on fans

Repaint around windows

Repaint bathrooms




Repair or replace exhaust fans in bathrooms

Replace exterior hall door

Rework AC piping outside

Replace tile in China room

Island Apartment


 Seal up gaps under eaves    



Outside Bathrooms


Replace ceiling tiles


Repaint all inside


Replace exhaust fans

Fix paneling


Yellow Pine


Repaint all inside


Replace old toilets


Increase lighting


Replace counselor door

Replace exhaust fans in bathroom

Rework the A/C Heat in bathroom

Replace peg-board stall doors

Jack Pine


Repaint all inside


Fix ceiling


Fix ceiling in bathroom

Rework the A/C Heat in bathroom

Increase lighting


Replace peg-board stall doors

Replace exhaust in bathroom

White Pine


Repair bathroom ceiling

Repaint all inside


Rework AC/Heat in bathroom

Middle door in bathroom frame is rotted

Replace mid mirror in bathroom

Repair dorm ceiling

Increase lighting


Replace exhaust in bathroom

Replace peg-board stall doors

Red Pine


Increase lighting


Replace old toilet


Fix bathroom ceiling


Replace mirror in bathroom

Rework the A/C Heat in bathroom

Repair dorm ceiling


Repaint all inside




Replace West dock


replace drain valve



Repair observation deck

Repair bridges and walkways around lake

Oakdale Pavilion


Replace paneling in bathrooms

Replace bathroom doors


Install doors for stalls




Install on-demand water heaters??? (this can significantly lower energy bill / old water heaters are outdated and inefficient)

Put up new front fence 

New front sign with new logo



Put in sidewalks front

Put in sidewalks back (board sidewalks built)

FBC Wilmer will landscape