One of the most popular attractions at the camp is Lake Chautauqua (Sha-taw-qwa). The three acre lake has a designated swimming area and access to paddleboats and kayaks. Lifeguards are provided for your group.

Some of the activities at the lake include a zip line and a ten foot jumping tower which can be seen in the pictures below. These two things provide you with an opportunity to take a plunge adventurously. 


Added this year is our lake waterslide. Kids love it!! And the big ones too.

Nearby is a covered dock and shaded gazebo. This area is perfect for relaxing and taking a break from the sun.  We also have nearby outdoor showers to rinse off sand.

Surrounding the lake are our nature trails. This is ideal for exploring nature at its best while relaxing on benches that are provided along the trail. This part of the camp is truly a beautiful place to experience God in His creation.


$5 per person for one hour ($1 per person per additional hour)

includes lifeguards

minimum fee of $100

NO CHARGE for groups staying overnight in hotel or dorms