The Adventure Ropes Course consists of both low and high ropes challenges that range in complexity and difficulty. The low challenges are from 1-3 feet above the ground and the high elements reach heights of over 35 feet. All of these are perfect for building trust and teamwork.

The course is an excellent tool for building unity among discipleship groups, Sunday School classes, and mission trip teams by demonstrating a hands-on approach to ministry principles for teens and adults alike. It causes individuals to strategize and work together as a team, in order to overcome the obstacles presented by the elements.

The elements are secure and safe. Trained facilitators are provided for all groups. Participants must be at least ten years of age or older. $25 per person for an all day ropes course event.  We also offer a 3 hour low ropes challenge for $15 per person. These events are booked on a first come, first served basis and a minimum of one week advanced notice and 15 participants are required.


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